Thursday, 18 November 2010

This flu......ARRGHHHHHHH

New From Fifi....

Im missing out on some relevant feedback time with my fashion lecturers because....
I have gotten a flu bug....aghhhhhhh!!!
This time with them would have been soo useful as I really need to get my problem with how I want the collection to look out of the way and wrapped up into a nice little bow. 

I wanted to show my Toile's and my new 2-Part collection line-ups. One with the gothic inspired SPORTS LUXE A/W 2011...
the other the Colourful SPORTS LUXE ready-to-wear S/S 2011 

Maybe I should have just gone in and infected my class mates but instead I am going to use this bed-bound time of mine to research collections that I feel are successful and sum up where I feel my collection should go and what my target woman is...

(Goth) Daring/Edgy Vixen
(Colour) Feminine Bold lady 

Either way she will be an athletic woman who purchases items that are relevant to her favourite pass-time and also has a keen eye for detail. 

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