Sunday, 14 November 2010

Quote of the day: Robert Ross

New From Fifi....

" Since clothing is inescapably a demonstration of identity, wearing clothes- or for that matter not doing so- is inevitably a political act, in the widest possible sense of that word' 
....(Ross, 1993:12)

A great quote for my dissertation on: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FASHION- A Cultural, Industrial and Social Insight
The aim of the essay is to examine how fashion has become a commodity and has become larger than just it being clothes to protect us from the Earth's elements. The daily routine of dressing has become a primary psychological element, where it has been installed into our memory and cognitive side of the brain so has become like 2nd nature to us, as was done by those before us. 
Fashion is an Industry within itself and the Supply and Demand of fashion has grown immensely. I aim to identify these elements and also analyse how brands and labels add to the need/want culture of today's society.

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