Thursday, 18 November 2010

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As a fashion student I am forever looking for inspiration on how to process a collection together and make it cohesive and successful. I have a great one today by New Zealand based Blak A/W 2011 collection. The collection is soft and feminine with a strong contrast of lace and leather to add edge. 

Though it is not what my collection is aimed at, I feel the collection as a whole is successful. This is their second collection for both the Luxe and Basics ranges which they have successfully launched. The style of the collection is very easy, flowy and feminine. The subdued black lace brocade and the signature red add a tougher edge. 
There are some staple pieces such as the oversized sweaters and the lovely capes. 
Though the two collections Skin and Deep (Luxe/ Basics) dont exactly break the mould or are innovative in all the sense of the word, the collections offer great pieces for a ready-to-wear wardrobe. 

I want them ALL....

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