Saturday, 20 November 2010

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Mirah: Cold Cold Water

This song has got me through the flu/cold bug and now im back on track.
Been really trying to figure out the direction of my collection, as I do not want to put out just any collection that does not represent me as a designer. I am really moving towards the minimalist creations of existing designers as Minimalist fashion is my favourite form of fashion...
Technical ability is needed, and a certain prowess with fabric and cut. I posted before that I was thinking about colour, and its still a strong point in my head however, I may use structure and cut to denote the sense of colour instead of actually just applying colour to depict it into the collection. I am really into what I call the -'white-on-white' look and this may gear me away from the gothic aesthetic I was designing towards prior, unless its brought back in terms of the detailing and use of lace and leather, and also the styling. 

Layering has also come to mind but I would need to pursue this further to make it successfully integrate with the collection as a whole.

But for now I am going to listen to my song of the week, maybe more, and get inspired. 

[on a side note this song may be the cause of my minimalist fashion thought process] 

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