Friday, 20 May 2011

Aperlai Fall 2011: Shoe-boots

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gu-Ra Lookbook

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Here is a sneak peak at the new Gu-Ra lookbook for A/W 2011 

Gu-Ra A/W 2011
Photographer: Vipan Grewal
Model: Charlotte Hepworth Bell
MUA: Sandra Hadi 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


MODEL 101 

Model: Charlotte Hepworth Bell
Designer: Fatima Bangura for Gu-Ra
Video Director/ Editor: Oliver Morris 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

GU-RA 2-0-1 JACKET: the making part 3

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The finished body lining with inside pockets.
I used yellow as a defining brand sign for the collection. With the limited use of colour of just black/grey/white and yellow within the collection I wanted to approach the collection in a way that an emerging brand would. The yellow sections within the lining acts as a branding feature that will be in all the jackets within the collection. The aim for this collection was to be able to develop it further after graduating and eventually turning it into a brand.  

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

GU-RA 2-0-1 JACKET: the making part 2

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Lining of GU-RA 2-0-1 JACKET!!
In-seam pocket in yellow inside the lining as a branding feature. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011


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These are some images of GU-RA 2-0-1 Jacket in velvet/jersey and leather material. 
The front stitch detailing on the velvet emphasises the natural curves of the female shape. Giving the illusion of height and curves on the hips. 

GU-RA 2-0-1 JACKET: the making

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The making of Gu-Ra 2-0-1 Jacket 


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GU-RA 3-0-1 DRESS (PART 2)

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Its been soo long...

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Hey blogworld!...I've just been so busy getting my final collection together that it seems like its been forever since I blogged.
Well as you all know im in the process of producing my final collection to a high standard so I have been doing a lot of tweaking and re-drafting to get both the patterns and finished garments perfect. 
I have also been collecting images for my portfolio and searching for models and photographers, which has not been easy at all. But I have finally got to the stage where I am ready to do test shoots with the garments I do have done already.  

Monday, 28 February 2011

A little peak....

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This is a glimpse at the toile for 1st garment.

Final collection line up...

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This is my final collection line up. I really thought about the silhouette of the collection as a whole and had to define a strong streamline shape. 

It was such an amazing process of putting together a collection that correlates as a whole and as individual outfits. What has changed in my thought process is the level in which sportswear would become SPORTS LUXE. I had to really research into fabric choices making sure their was a balance of sports influence materials and luxe fabric that were more suitable for the high end  market I am aiming for. Although my target woman is sporty she is still very much fashion-forward so the fabric choice had to match this. 
By replacing very light weight rain-proof material with silk velvet for my padded coats (images 3-7) I was able to introduce a more luxurious feel, with the jersey ribbing keeping with the sports element.
The colour palette is still the same- BLACK, GREY AND YELLOW!
I will need to experiment with my illustrations to add the colour and fabric choices into the line up. 

Its a very exciting process right now and its great sharing this with you all! 


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More illustrated developments!

Gu-Ra illustrative development

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Here are some illustrations of my design development. 

Introducing Gu-Ra

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Doing a joint degree of fashion with marketing has introduced me to a whole other side of design- branding and marketing.
For my last year collection I have really thought hard to bring my marketing knowledge to the fashion side. I have thought about branding and with this I have named my label. 

It is the last letters of my family name. I feel it fits in with my collection's edgy elements with contemporary aesthetics. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

My Style: Alexander Wang

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Ok if you read my blog frequently you will know that I am quite obsessed with Wang..(see ad campaign timeline lol)
At a young age he has truly made a stance in fashion, all by following he's own ideals of he has great personal style- very true to himself!

To say I love this man is an understatement!! [ sigh ] 

Moving forward...

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So it has come to that stage where im finalising my final collection for A/W 2011. It is a scary thought that this collection (though not officially my 1st) would be my intro into the fashion world as such.

I am very head-strong with what my market is...whom my woman is- 


I am also aware of the type of market I wish to go into and where I see my collection and future works being sold [DOVER STREET MARKET]
What is interesting about the process I am going through, in terms of defining a collection that brings all my design ideals together, is that I do not know the outcome. I have a defined idea of what I want to say about myself as a designer, but would people buy into my idealistic ideas of contemporary fashion? Would my chosen targeted woman feel what I want her to feel when she puts on my garments or pieces? How do I remain true to my ideals, whilst maintaining a good following?
All these questions and more is what excites me about fashion after my course and I hope you follow my journey where along the line the questions would be my everyday reality!  

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

If I had a closet it would be this.....

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Kimora Lee made an appearance on and shared her closet with them. To say its fabulous would be an understatement, with all different coloured designer bags, sky-high heels, and a diamond encrusted hourglass. 

Courtesy of

Alexander Wang pre-fall 2011

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Alexander Wang Ad campaigns timeline: 2011

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Looking through Alexander Wang's past ad campaigns it is safe to say he never fails to amaze with the visually appeasing quality prints. He seems to know how to use very simplistic concepts into breathtaking imagery that adds more depth into the collection he is trying to sell. 

We have now reached 2011 and he has released the first image of his Spring/ Summer ad campaign. Bursting with energy, like his catwalk show, the image represents the collection to the T! 
Edgy, robust and full of energy. 

Courtesy of FashionGoneRogue

The model for the shoot is Aymeline Valade and the photographer is Craig McDean, with once again Fabien Baron acting as Creative Director. Their are four exclusive images that would be released in the March issue of Interview Magazine. That alone is an incentive to cop that issue from a news stands near you. 

Alexander Wang Ad campaigns timeline: 2010

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MODEL: Anja Rubik

MODEL: Edita Vilkeviciute

What ins't there to love about this ad campaign. I love sombre mood of the shoots, alongside the full and facial shots of each model. 

MODEL: Jacquelyn Jablonski

MODEL: Liu Wen


I had to add this ad for Wang's T fusion line collection. Simple but affective!


Abbey Lee Kershaw modelled in the 2010 Fall collection of Alexander Wang. Photographed by Craig McDean. Fabien Baron acted as art director whilst Karl Templer was the stylist. 

Courtesy of FashionGoneRogue

Alexander Wang Ad campaigns timeline: 2009

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Courtesy of popbee


I find that black and white concept of the shoot adds to the artistic edge of the multiple imagery of the model, hence adding an extra quality to the ad campaign.