Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sketchbook preview... Stage 1

New From Fifi....

[The beginning] 

Here are some images from my initial sketchbook for my final year collection.

The process of the collection started out with me looking into ART and GRAPHICS and wanted to explore how colour can determine a design process- the design aesthetic/concept/theory/overall look.
I started to work over a graphic book I had been inspired by the pages of the book to determine a look and feel. 

[This picture is of a page from the book- The graphic of the page was skulls so I depicted my view on the 'death of tailoring' looking into the tailored pieces by Gilbert Adrian]

This was a great way to get into the design frame of mind...but inevitably it would not act as my main source of inspiration, more so a way of thinking about design. 

As posted previously the collection now based on Francis Bacon and the shapes, contours, lines, geometry, colour breakdown of his paintings and applying the design theory I have gained from the sketchbook above to start a new process of thinking and developing a collection.

 I would be going into more detail about this in the coming days and weeks leading to my final developed COLLECTION. 

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