Sunday, 24 October 2010

Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2010 Womenswear Show

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* A Burberry Aviator Jacket!

Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2010 Womenswear Show

I have never been more proud to be British!
I loved everything about this collection, from the now Infamous Burberry MAC
to the Aviator jackets with superb tailoring and fabulous material!
The collection is cohesive and works well on all levels from the extra large standing collars to the organic use drape on the skirts and tops.



Gareth Pugh S/S 2011 presented by

SHOWstudio: Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009 by Ruth Hogben



Gareth Pugh is definitely on of those designers that has set the bar in terms creating visual and conceptual art! 

Even though I am a major fan I am not being biased...I feel that he will continue bring great things into fashion and possibly even create a whole new foundation of fashion. 

His SHOWstudio film a next level of creativity and has inspired me immensely since I first saw it March last year. 

He used Serbian model Natasa Vojinovic to create what I call a masterpiece. As a highly visual person myself I have always wanted to create a short film that infuses all the arts together and this film definitely does just that! 

The infusion of his great adaptive clothes, the visual editing and background music all makes this short film exciting and immensely SPECTACULAR!! 

I highly anticipate Gareth as a contemporary marvel and pioneer in Gothic fashion. From his use of shapes, textures, movement, he always seems to bring something brilliant to the table. The background music helps carry the clothing's visual aesthetic.

Abstraction of Colour application: Nick Knight

My collection is based on the abstraction of colour and the ways colour has been manipulated and used to portray a new image or to add emotion and a different aesthetic to a work of art...from photography/ fashion to the fine art works of on of my favourite artists Francis Bacon!


Whilst doing my research I looked into the work of renowned photographer Nick Knight. Knight has produced some of the worlds most beautiful fashion photography

I love his his use of colour to depict the tone and style of photography and create another level of physical presence of the colours

Knight has captured some of the most famous supermodels including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

The way in which he uses colour to redefine the image and bring in an somewhat abstract and surreal aesthetic to the image. 

SHOWstudio is a fashion website that I found out about when looking more into Nick Knight's work. He founded the site in 2000 and is the director. SHOWstudio aims to constantly and consistently push the boundaries of the communication of fashion on the web.
I find that SHOWstudio’s innovative and ground-breaking way of presenting fashion projects have defined the way fashion can be brought to a whole new level of creativity through film and can be a form of Art has collaborated with some of the most influential and acclaimed figures of modern fashion. This list includes John Galliano, Kate Moss, Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garçons and the late Alexander McQueen. has also supported emerging talents like Gareth Pugh, Louise Goldin, Marios Schwab and Rodarte. 

The Fashion Body:Right Ribs by Liberty Ross

H&M Fashion Video - Lanvin for H&M

Here is another video of LANVIN for H&M!!

Watching these video's has given me the inspiration to chronicle the development of my collection so that I have something to look back on and see where my thought process was whilst developing the collection...So all I need now is good video camera so that I can start filming my design process!! 

Lanvin for H&M - Alber Elbaz "Hope You'll Like It"


New From Fifi....

After all the whispering and rumors its TRUE!! 

Lanvin for H&M!!!!

Im soo excited to see how ALBER ELBAZ and the creative team adapt Lanvin's creative technological pattern cutting and familiar Lanvin aesthetic to a collection for the widely commercial H&M superstore. 

H&M has stroke luck again after having collections by some of  Fashion's biggest named designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson, Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf and Sonia Rykiel and recently Jimmy Choo!!!

Im practically loosing sleep picturing how an Alber Elbaz collection would be introduced to the high street...but my anticipation is getting the most of until then I am going to keep dreaming about a new wardrobe of "my precious" Lanvin...but at H&M prices because my current budget is noo way in that original Lanvin level. 

However the only snag about this collaboration is the major pushing and shoving I will have to do to get my way through the chaos to get my pretty lil hands on even just one piece of Lanvin for H&M!!


...till then here's what Alber Elbaz had to say about the collaboration!!

ALBER interview about H&M: THE STORY

Monday, 18 October 2010

ahhhhhh damn you camera!!...

New From Fifi....

So I was supposed to go to Brick lane/ Spitalfields yesterday to get some great shots of my Stylista of the week Yossi Yos...which I did and saw some great styles that I really loved and wanted to add to the particular guy who is also a fashion student and goes to LCF (London College Of Fashion) had amazing style with a burnt coloured afro and distressed jeans..a huge cardigan and a tee underneath.. he finished of his look with a thick woven cowl neck scarf..
I was about to take this amazing picture my ideal guy and shots down on me.
aahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So i have rescheduled the shoot with Yossi so look out for that..should be good she has a really great sense of personal style! 

till then..enjoy some pics of her!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Styling session...

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New From Fifi....

Today Im having a styling session with a great model called Yossi. She's this weeks stylista! Hoping to capture some great pictures of her personal style.
The shoot will be in my fav place of ALL of London...Spitalfields near Old Street/ Liverpool street. 

The style we are going for is casual/fun but sassy as that reflects Yossi's personality...Im quite the budding photographer so be on the look out for that soon! 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

'What a girl wants' of the day...

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I want!!!.....

The Fall Winter 2011 Collection of Louboutins has every woman wishing she had each pair of the high end designer collection. Enjoy ladies!....

blast from the past...

New From Fifi....

With the process of researching and producing my final year collection firmly in my head I wanted to look back at my earlier work. Looking at them from a styling/ theme point I feel that my design aim has developed and changed. Im still very much colour-driven and LoOvE the exploration of colour and the shapes and lines that are created when on the body. However I would like to think I have matured in my design process and also in the manufacturing. I am a better sewer due to my constant time on my brother sewing machine. I am still a draping enthusiast as I am into soft drape lines and flowing detail created on a mannequin. I have developed my pattern making skills through the years and I have found that I can create innovative pattern cuttings!

Check out some images from my previous collection!...

oh how i've grown...

fifi la-belle 'the illustrator'

New From Fifi....

Im currently exploring my illustrating skills. I've never been that confident but it seems that its the best time to develop my own style of illustrating before I go out into the industry. My illustrations have to represent myself and what im selling or trying to convey. So this is a little taster of my current style it may change as the year goes on or I may decide I hate illustrating completely and only draw stick men/women with clothes on...who knows either way follow me as I find this out myself...

'the ballerina' 

designing to an Afro-Beat

New From Fifi....

I am really in LOOOOVEEE with this new fashion-fascination with African/or African influenced design and textiles. There are a few designers that have really set the bar when it comes to Africa/Couture and ready to wear lines.

Through this blog I also plan to evaluate these designers and also look into the trend filtering into mainstream fashion through the much needed support of the celebrities who endorse these.


These are just a few that I really FOLLOW right now and are making BIG statements in FASHION!! {Look out for more profiling of these designers later}


Maya Amina Lake was born in Brooklyn, NY. Daughter to Marion and Oliver Lake, she grew up in New Jersey

The Brand has very much taken off this year through very high       profile endorsements. It seems that every female celebrity in         the  POP scene has worn a Boxing Kitten garment.

Great news for the African/inspired design scene, hopefully this will introduce other designers of similar aesthetic design. 

                     Fergie in an ORIGINAL Billie Jumper Playsuit!!


Beyonce’s younger DJ sister, Solange Knowles has fully been endorsing the brand. Seen here in a Billie Jumper Playsuit at one of her DJ sets.


With Vlisco designs its fair to say that your getting AFRO-COUTURE!! Innovative Africa textiles with European cut and splendour.

“Vlisco takes colour to a higher level, bringing it to life with the new ‘Reflet de Lumière’ fabric collection.”.. {}


These are just a teaser of some of the styles/designers that I am really feeling right now. Hopefully this should give me the inspiration I need to design and create my own ‘AFRO-BEAT’ garments for the next Fifi La-belle Nue-bian Collection.

Look out for more of my inspirations as I go along and hopefully I’ll have some FiFi La-Belle original ‘AFRO-BEAT’ designs in the coming weeks as samples for my Black History month inspiration style shoot.  


the other side of Fifi

New From Fifi....

Well since you all are just starting to get to know me and this whole blogging thing is knew to me Im going to share with you all aspects of who I am, not only as a Student/Designer but as an all round ARTS/DESIGN enthusiast!!!

I am in looveee with events promotion and events organising, Ive been doing this freelance for the past 2/3 years and have planned to continue this side of my passion whilst pursuing the dream of becoming a BRITISH DESIGNER!!!

I mostly do underground fashion events around LONDON CITY (of course) and also RAVES!!!

Currently I am the creative/ events Manager of a new concept Fashion Show rightly named FASHION JUNKIE!

Fashion Junkie is a weekly fashion show which aims to bring to light talented designers and striking models all under one roof with a weekly live band merged all in one. 

Still in the planning process Fashion Junkie will be the 1st of its kind with weekly contests and live judges from the industry. 

If you want more information/ how to enter as a designer or model or wish to find out about sponsoring please contact: 

hello blog world

New From Fifi....

'FiFi La-Belle photoshop skills'
Hi Blog world. This is Fifi La-Belle which just so happens to be the name of my Design Label.
FiFi-La-belle consists of womenswear collections that are heavily influenced by my experiences and by the cultural HOT-POT that is London City.
South London is where I reside, breathe, sleep, PAAARTY, and of course DESIGN!!
Its has become my biggest inspiration and muse, and will ultimately be the flagship of my own label.
I have always dreamed of showing my collections at LONDON FASHION WEEK or just simply LFW.
Following in the footsteps of my favourite British designers of all time Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. As well as new faces to burst into fashion scene such as Henry Holland (design pictured) and many more undiscovered designers yet to grace the catwalk of LONDON.
This Blog basically chronicles my journey to the WORLD OF FASHION from my current status as a student in her last year to my transition into the FASHION INDUSTRY .