Saturday, 16 October 2010

the other side of Fifi

New From Fifi....

Well since you all are just starting to get to know me and this whole blogging thing is knew to me Im going to share with you all aspects of who I am, not only as a Student/Designer but as an all round ARTS/DESIGN enthusiast!!!

I am in looveee with events promotion and events organising, Ive been doing this freelance for the past 2/3 years and have planned to continue this side of my passion whilst pursuing the dream of becoming a BRITISH DESIGNER!!!

I mostly do underground fashion events around LONDON CITY (of course) and also RAVES!!!

Currently I am the creative/ events Manager of a new concept Fashion Show rightly named FASHION JUNKIE!

Fashion Junkie is a weekly fashion show which aims to bring to light talented designers and striking models all under one roof with a weekly live band merged all in one. 

Still in the planning process Fashion Junkie will be the 1st of its kind with weekly contests and live judges from the industry. 

If you want more information/ how to enter as a designer or model or wish to find out about sponsoring please contact: 

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