Saturday, 16 October 2010

designing to an Afro-Beat

New From Fifi....

I am really in LOOOOVEEE with this new fashion-fascination with African/or African influenced design and textiles. There are a few designers that have really set the bar when it comes to Africa/Couture and ready to wear lines.

Through this blog I also plan to evaluate these designers and also look into the trend filtering into mainstream fashion through the much needed support of the celebrities who endorse these.


These are just a few that I really FOLLOW right now and are making BIG statements in FASHION!! {Look out for more profiling of these designers later}


Maya Amina Lake was born in Brooklyn, NY. Daughter to Marion and Oliver Lake, she grew up in New Jersey

The Brand has very much taken off this year through very high       profile endorsements. It seems that every female celebrity in         the  POP scene has worn a Boxing Kitten garment.

Great news for the African/inspired design scene, hopefully this will introduce other designers of similar aesthetic design. 

                     Fergie in an ORIGINAL Billie Jumper Playsuit!!


Beyonce’s younger DJ sister, Solange Knowles has fully been endorsing the brand. Seen here in a Billie Jumper Playsuit at one of her DJ sets.


With Vlisco designs its fair to say that your getting AFRO-COUTURE!! Innovative Africa textiles with European cut and splendour.

“Vlisco takes colour to a higher level, bringing it to life with the new ‘Reflet de Lumière’ fabric collection.”.. {}


These are just a teaser of some of the styles/designers that I am really feeling right now. Hopefully this should give me the inspiration I need to design and create my own ‘AFRO-BEAT’ garments for the next Fifi La-belle Nue-bian Collection.

Look out for more of my inspirations as I go along and hopefully I’ll have some FiFi La-Belle original ‘AFRO-BEAT’ designs in the coming weeks as samples for my Black History month inspiration style shoot.  


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