Friday, 4 February 2011

Moving forward...

New From Fifi....

So it has come to that stage where im finalising my final collection for A/W 2011. It is a scary thought that this collection (though not officially my 1st) would be my intro into the fashion world as such.

I am very head-strong with what my market is...whom my woman is- 


I am also aware of the type of market I wish to go into and where I see my collection and future works being sold [DOVER STREET MARKET]
What is interesting about the process I am going through, in terms of defining a collection that brings all my design ideals together, is that I do not know the outcome. I have a defined idea of what I want to say about myself as a designer, but would people buy into my idealistic ideas of contemporary fashion? Would my chosen targeted woman feel what I want her to feel when she puts on my garments or pieces? How do I remain true to my ideals, whilst maintaining a good following?
All these questions and more is what excites me about fashion after my course and I hope you follow my journey where along the line the questions would be my everyday reality!  

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