Monday, 28 February 2011

Final collection line up...

New From Fifi....

This is my final collection line up. I really thought about the silhouette of the collection as a whole and had to define a strong streamline shape. 

It was such an amazing process of putting together a collection that correlates as a whole and as individual outfits. What has changed in my thought process is the level in which sportswear would become SPORTS LUXE. I had to really research into fabric choices making sure their was a balance of sports influence materials and luxe fabric that were more suitable for the high end  market I am aiming for. Although my target woman is sporty she is still very much fashion-forward so the fabric choice had to match this. 
By replacing very light weight rain-proof material with silk velvet for my padded coats (images 3-7) I was able to introduce a more luxurious feel, with the jersey ribbing keeping with the sports element.
The colour palette is still the same- BLACK, GREY AND YELLOW!
I will need to experiment with my illustrations to add the colour and fabric choices into the line up. 

Its a very exciting process right now and its great sharing this with you all! 

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