Monday, 16 April 2012


New From Fifi....

B2C PR is the communication between businesses and their consumers. Business to consumer communication has changed through the years due to the introduction and continuous popularity of Social Media sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogging, myspace and now PINTEREST.COM

Pinterest first got my attention whilst reading 
I was initially resistant as if being a twitter and facebook user wasn't enough, now this. I was not enthusiastic at all! But after going through some of the "Pins" I started to see why The Guardian and Metro featured the new social network sensation on their newspapers. It is proven to be a great way for businesses to research market trends and interests. Check out the stats below.

Full breakdown of Pinterest found Here

I have signed up just waiting for my invitation in the meantime here are a few Pinterest users I like: 

The making of Fifi La- Belle: the PR specialist

New From Fifi....

Its been a while since I have written due to the fact I was busy finishing my degree and planning wedding! woooo
(Yes I am now married)
But moving forward...I have now regained focus on where I want to be in in the near Fashion PR!


I cant put this book down. It has opened my views on PR and the industry in general. If you wish to gain some insight on PR this is the book I recommend. It was brought to my attention whilst reading one of my favourite Pr blogs Here
I now know what to expect in a career in PR and also what salary I aim to gain through really really really hard work, the design industry is known for not paying as well as other jobs but involves a lot of after work hours.